Car Services

We want your experience with us to be pleasant and positive in every way when you come to get your car service done at our workshop. Our mechanics make sure that you and your vehicle receive premium service.
Our services include:

  • Road Worthy Certificates

  • Pre-purchase Car Inspections

  • New Car Log Book Servicing

  • Minor & Major Services

  • Air-Conditioning Servicing

  • Steering & Suspension

  • Brakes & Shock Absorbers

  • Electronic Diagnosis

  • Engine Degrease & Analysis

  • Exhaust Systems

  • Filtration Systems

  • Radiator & Cooling Systems

  • Transmission Services

  • Power Steering Services

  • Clutch Services

  • Fuel Injection Servicing

  • 24 Hours Towing Service

Specialized diagnostics & service equipment

We only use the latest in diagnostic equipment and parts. Diagnostic Scan Machines are designed specifically for mechanics to read data from the onboard diagnostic system of your car. Every vehicle make and model has its own onboard software. The software allows the vehicle to operate and perform functions, from starting the engine to turning the lights on when it gets dark. A diagnostic scan machine can pick up and identify many problems automatically.

Air Conditioning Units

We use the Robin Air AC650 Pro – one of Europe’s most popular air conditioning service units. It allows us to provide accurate air conditioning recovery, recycling and recharging. It also provides refrigerant and oil specifications for individual vehicles and guarantees a rapid and full dehydration of the air conditioning system.